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Why did I start Thriving Day Academy?

My journey to this school began when I started elementary school and started disliking school. 

Why should any young child dislike learning and school?

Education begins at home but teachers and school play a huge role in the foundation of our children. It's time that schools start to focus on the individual needs of our children and less on how children do on a standardized test.

Throughout my search to find an education style that ignites a child's natural curiosity I found Montessori. A unique style that meets the needs of the child through a custom curriculum that supports each child's independence, self-esteem, and confidence.

I invite you to schedule a call and learn more about a school that aims to inspire children to thrive from the inside out. 

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Owning Your Worth

I fell in love with the Montessori method, because it empowers both teachers and students to know what they stand for and claim their power. This is exactly the type of environment I want to raise my daughter in, and I know that I’m meant to share these gifts with a world full of children who are craving this.

I earned my American Montessori Society credential in 2009 and my master’s degree in education in 2014 all while teaching (and learning) in a Montessori classroom. And now I have the honor of sharing these gifts with families in Wasatch County at Thriving Day Academy.

Are You Ready?

Maybe you’ve stumbled on to our site because you’re trying to figure out which school is right for your little one.

As parents, we are all doing our very best for our children. We want them to know that they matter and that what they do in this world counts. That is where Montessori principles begin, and once these basic needs are met, we can move on to getting excited about academics.

The Montessori method fills in the gaps for our mainstream schools and busy, chaotic lives; a prepared environment where children can come and relax, play, learn, and become more of who they truly are.

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We believe an independent child is a confident child. A child who is independent and confident is primed for academic success and a deep love of learning.


We practice skills from pouring, preparing snack, putting away belongings, dressing oneself, and learning how to be a cordial part of a community that respects all living things.


An independent child naturally becomes confident. The Montessori philosophy is based on practice, using mistakes as learning opportunities, and routine and consistency (which we all thrive on) creating confidence from the inside out.

Love of Learning

A child who completes all three years of the Montessori Early Childhood program will leave ready for first grade feeling independent, full of confidence, and encompass foundation for a genuine love of learning .

Come and Join Us

We will begin our 2019 school year with one Early Childhood (3-6 year olds) classroom, enrollment is very limited. If you are interested please don't hesitate to get on the waiting list.


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